20 Top IT Outsourcing Software Development Companies in 2021

Adara Khan
12 min readSep 23, 2020

Top IT Outsourcing Software Development Companies in 2021

Since the use of smartphones and mobile apps have been rapidly increasing, it has become important for your business to create a digital presence. No doubt, a mobile app can help you stay connected with the users all the time and enables you to establish a strong brand image. However, the real challenge comes when you need to keep up with the digital world.

The simple and easy way to deal with it is to hire the best software development company that can understand your needs and be able to cater to a solution that takes your business to the next level. The mobile app development companies are usually backed with highly skilled yet experienced developers that hold all the calibre to build business growing applications. But now the central question is, “how to choose the best mobile app development company in India, Dubai and USA?”.

Whether you are a startup or an entrepreneur, making a choice between thousands of IT development companies is always one of the challenging tasks. However, now you don’t need to hassle here and there for hiring the best developer for your next project. Being an experienced IT specialist from 12+ years, let me guide you the list of top software development companies in India, Dubai and USA.

Before getting started with the list of leading development companies, let’s understand, which parameters are considered to shortlist the names of these companies. Along with the deep evaluation, detailed market research has been carried out to provide you get to collaboration with the best service providers.

Here are the major parameters we have followed to evaluate each company profile:

  • A diverse profile of the company
  • Portfolio and the type of applications they have developed
  • Experience and knowledge of the latest technology trends
  • Strictly adherence of NDA form
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Satisfaction level of the previous clients
  • Reviews and feedbacks of clients on B2B platforms including Clutch, Goodfirms
  • No. of projects successfully accomplished
  • Client retention and annual growth rate of the company
  • Company rating and ranking on Google

Let’s get started with the list of top mobile app development companies in Dubai, India and USA:

  1. Xicom Technologies (Top Leading Outsourcing Software Development Company)

Location: India, USA, Dubai

Founded in: 2002

Pricing: $25–49/hr

Employee Strength: 300+

Rating: 4.7

Expertise: Software Development, app development, mobile & web development, IoT and Blockchain development, AR & VR Development, and more.

Xicom Technologies is one of the top outsourcing software development companies in India with operating offices in Dubai and USA. Being into the operation since 2002, they hold 15+ years of experience in developing highly robust and scalable applications to bridge a perfect gap between your success and goals. No matter what size of business you are managing and how complex your project needs are, with a team of highly skilled developers they have delivered 7500+ projects with a 99% on-time delivery record.

Being ISO 9001 certified and Nasscom & STPI accredited company, they hold the trust of 1500+ clients based in 27 countries and known as the recognized platform to hire Indian software developers.

2. RipenApps (Top Outsourcing Software Development Companies In USA)

Location: USA, India

Founded in: 2013

Pricing: $90/hr

Employee Strength: 249+

Rating: 4.6

Expertise: Web Development, UX/UI app design, Android/iOS app development, Native app development, PHP Development and more.

Right from the day of laying the first brick of their foundation, RipenApps are following the simple work mantra of “Converting your business into the next big tech-giant”, by simply approaching each project as a potential game-changer in the market. By using an agile development process and latest technologies they have developed 270+ apps and 52+ apps are featured on the Operating platform.

With 7+ years of domain experience and back of a certified team of developers, they create solutions that add velocity in your business and assist you in addressing the changing needs of the digital market. RipenApps can be one of the trusted places to hire software developers for your upcoming project.

3. Promatics Technologies (Best Software Development Company in India)

Location: Dubai, UK, India

Founded in: 2008

Pricing: $80–99/hr

Employee Strength: 249+

Rating: 4.7

Expertise: Mobile App Development, Ecommerce Development, Web Development, Cloud Solutions, IT Consulting, UX/UI Design and more.

Promatics is one of the leading yet best outsourcing software companies in India that has been committed to deliver services that surpass excellence and are tailored to meet the demands of the ever-growing digital market. Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Promatics is considered as the one-stop platform for designing, developing and deploying web and mobile applications. With their advanced app development technologies and frameworks, they have successfully translated complex app visions and designs into simple and easy to deploy, access and scalable applications.

Also, by keeping themselves well-versed with the latest app development strategies, they ensure elevated product quality which boosts your revenue, augment your brand and enhance your market reach.

4. Experion Technologies (Top IT Outsourcing Companies in Dubai)

Location: Dubai, UK

Founded in: 2006

Pricing: $90–100/hr

Employee Strength: 999+

Rating: 4.9

Expertise: Enterprise Software Development, Digital Transformation, Product Engineering, Startup IT and more.

Experion Technologies is recognised as one of the 50s fastest growing Tech companies in 2017 by Deloitte as in the short journey of 14+ years they have established their foothold in 9 countries and serving a wide range of software solutions, mobile apps, cloud services and IoT platforms. Established in 2006, and backed by 350+ experts, they have created custom software applications majorly for retail, transportation, supply chain and financial industry domains and known as best software outsourcing companies in Dubai, India and USA.

In 14+ years, they just not grew swiftly and stepped ahead to unlock the new business opportunities but also have served more than 300 clients ranging from early-stage enterprises to fortune companies based in multiple locations.

5. Dev Technosys (Top Outsourcing Software Companies in the USA)

Location: USA, UK

Founded in: 2010

Pricing: $70–80/hr

Employee Strength: 250+

Rating: 4.8

Expertise: Mobile App Development, Software Product Development, FullStack Development, IoT App Development, Enterprise Mobility Solution, iPad App Development and more.

Dev Technosys is one of the best software outsourcing companies in India with functional offices in 4 other locations. Being ISO 9001:2008 certified web and mobile app development company, they have continually delivered modern technology solutions that empower the enterprise’s technical infrastructure and enable them to lead in their business domain.

As a top software development company in India, Dev Technosys believes in the uniqueness of your app idea and translates it into a practical solution by simply integrating proven methodologies and latest technologies and tools. They customer any level of project and turn it into feature-rich, robust, visually stunning and highly responsive and interactive app solution.

6. Unified Infotech (Top Software Development Company in Dubai For End-To-End Solutions)

Location: India, USA

Founded in: 2010

Pricing: $75–80/hr

Employee Strength: 250+

Rating: 4.8

Expertise: IT Consulting, Web and Mobile App Development, UX/UI designing, IoT and Blockchain app development, eCommerce development and more.

Unified Infotech is an award-winning top software development company in India, working with enterprises, SME’s and forward-thinking start-ups to deliver end-to-end custom-tailored solutions. In 10+ years in business, they have delivered 1200 solutions to clients from all across the world. They have not just mastered the best web development technologies but also keep up with the latest design trends integrated with most demanding technologies to deliver the most fruitful solutions to their clients.

From custom software solutions to blockchain implementations, Unified Infotech is the top outsourcing company that becomes the first choice for all the development solutions.

7. Peerbits (Top Software Development Companies in India)

Location: India, USA, Dubai

Founded in: 2011

Pricing: $85–90/hr

Employee Strength: 250+

Rating: 4.8

Expertise: Software Development, Product Engineering, Application Development, Manage as a Service, DevOps, and more.

Peerbits is a top software development company in the USA with the footprints in India and Dubai, engaged in web and mobile app development solutions and offering IT consulting services to clients from all across the world. They have a strong team of 50+ experts with 5+ yrs of industry domain experience. Being a dominant leader in the IT field, Peerbits hold the trust of 200+ clients from the different corners of the world and diverse business verticals. Since they are committed to excellence through the systematic and disciplined process, therefore they have delivered 500+ projects to 450+ clients.

With 8+ years of experience, they have not only marked their name in the list of best outsourcing software firms in India but also attain 97% client retention rate.

8. Simform (Best Software Outsourcing Companies USA)

Location: USA

Founded in: 2010

Pricing: $80–90/hr

Employee Strength: 250+

Rating: 4.9

Expertise: AL/ML Development Services, Application Development Services, Web App Development, API Integration, Custom Software Development, Software Testing, Enterprise app development and more.

Since its inception in 2010, Simform has earned its reputation as the top outsourcing software company in the USA. Their simple work mantra is to go above and beyond your expectations to deliver excellent business growth solutions. Instead of following the one-fit-for-all strategy, they deeply analyse your business needs and accordingly integrate the right app development strategy. Being a top outsourcing company in the USA, they provide end-to-end solutions right from design to deployment.

9. Cubix (Top Outsourcing Software Company in Dubai)

Location: USA, Dubai

Founded in: 2009

Pricing: $70–85/hr

Employee Strength: 200+

Rating: 4.7

Expertise: Mobile Development Blockchain development, Augmented Reality, Game Development and more.

Cubix is the best outsourcing software development company based in Dubai, engaged in developing gaming and enterprise solutions. With 10 years of industry experience and support of 200+ experts, they have designed and developed 250+ solutions and pushed enterprises to the next level. Since they adopt proven methodologies and latest technologies for the development process, therefore, these apps are trending and received 35M+ downloads on the app store.

10. Spec India (Best Outsourcing Software Company in India)

Location: India, USA

Founded in: 1987

Pricing: $80–99/hr

Employee Strength: 250+

Rating: 4.8

Expertise: Custom Software Development, Enterprise Mobility, Technology Consulting, Product Engineering, SLA driven 24/7 support, Legacy App Migration, On-demand team and more.

Spec India is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified top outsourcing software firm in India that has set the benchmark in the industry by simply delivering world-class solutions to over 45+ clients based in 35 countries. With 30 years of experience in operations, they have not just empowered startups, SMEs and fortune 100 companies but also maintain 96% of client retention rate. With their extended development centres and innovative development models, they hold the expertise to develop business growing applications.

Here’s the list of top performing software development companies that you can consider to hire for your next project:

11. Zoondia (Top Custom Software Development Company in India)

Established in 2008, with the aim aligned to offer mobile, cloud and web app development services to all levels of companies including SMEs, enterprises and leading brands. They have established their foundation to meet the demand for affordable and efficient development outsourcing solutions, no matter how complex your app development needs are. Their strength lays in their team of highly trained, committed and talented professionals who came from a diverse set of backgrounds. Initially, they have set up their roots in India, but further, their operations are expanded to US, UAE and providing IT support to the International clients as well.

Services: Custom Software Development, Mobile and web app development, Resource Augmentation, DevOps Services, UX design services and more.

12. Diginix AI (Top Custom Software Development Company in Dubai)

Diginix AI is a Dubai based software development company, founded in 2013 with the simple mantra to put extra efforts in design, plan and interaction, to deliver the results that exceed the expectations of the clients. With a strong team of 70 experts, they provide extensive services and quality development solutions to the clients. Moreover, being one of the top outsourcing software development service providers in Dubai, they approach every project with a double lens view and customize the solution by focusing on both target audience and the requirements of the client.

Services: eCommerce and CMS development, Web Designing, UX/UI designing, Web development, On-demand app development and more.

13. 7EDGE (Top Outsourcing Software Development Firms in India)

Right from its inception in 2010, 7EDGE is considered as one of the top outsourcing software development service providers in India. In the last 10yrs of the journey, they have handled 500 web and mobile app development projects with 96% of client retention rate. With 99% of on-time project delivery and delivering customized engagement models, they have developed their clientele in Singapore, India, Seychelles, USA, UK, UAE and Germany.

Services: Big Data Consulting, AI consulting, App Development, DevOps development, Big Data Analytics, Managed Cloud services, mobile app development and more.

14. TechScooper (Top Custom Software Development Company in Dubai)

TechScooper is a Clutch recognized best IT service company in India and Dubai, operating with a small team of experts. It is a recently established software development company in 2016, but with the proven quality and methodologies, they have successfully set their name as a leading software development company in India and Dubai. In addition, they managed full-stack development of a website and provided native mobile app development services and assisting clients to expand their reach digitally.

Services: Web Development, Mobile Development. Digital Marketing, Creative Services, Testing & QA, Process Outsourcing and more.

15. Street Inc. ( Best Outsourcing Software Development Company in Dubai)

Street Inc. is a Dubai based digital agency that has been set up in 2016 and backed by the team of 10+ experts. However, they have constructed their team by collaborating with the experts having rich industry experience in diverse fields. They believe that their team is the real strength of their business that helps in developing custom software solutions for various platforms including enterprise-level companies and startups.

Services: Web development, mobile app development, marketing, content development and more.

16. Team4Solution (Top Outsourcing Development Company in India)

Team4Solution is a certified mobile and web app development company with the registered offices in India, USA and Malaysia. With more than 150+ projects delivered in the record time, Team4Solution has become one of the most reliable platforms to hire app developers. Rest their list of clients based in different corners of the world, speaks about the quality of their services.

Services: E-Wallet development, Cross-platform app development, E-Learning app development, Xamarin development, E-commerce development, Android development, Custom Software Development and more.

17. IIH Global (Best Outsourcing Software Development Company in India)

IIH is an award-winning web and software development company having their believes in bringing innovative ideas to their development project to deliver excellence in services and lead customer satisfaction. With the back of our technical experts and their experience, they hold the calibre to shape your ideas into a practical solution and are able to create an impactful digital presence of their clients.

Services: Web Development, Mobile App Development, Hybrid Mobile app development, Native App Development and more.

18. Konstant Infosolutions (Top Outsourcing Software Development Company In USA)

Konstant Infosolutions is an industry leader in delivering mobile and web development solutions across the globe. Since they have been working from 2003, have established their image as a globally recognized and trusted outsourcing software development company, therefore they hold the trust of 2500+ customers based in different corners of the world. In addition, with the track record of 3500+ project deliveries to 30+ large enterprises and startups, they are now known for their quality of services.

Services: Mobile app development, cross-platform development, web development, trending JS framework, Ecommerce & CMS, Wearable app development and more.

19. Quytech (Top Software Development Outsourcing Company in India for Web and Mobile Solutions)

Quytech is one of the renowned platforms to hire software developers as they boast a bunch of talented and enthusiastic professionals coming up with creative ideas and assisting in developing high standard solutions. They believe all businesses deserve transparent and honest services, therefore they implement agile development processes.

Services: Mobile app development, Software development, Web Development, ASP.Net Development, Magento Ecommerce, OpenSource Development and more.

20. The NineHertz (Leading Outsourcing Software Development Company in India)

The NineHertz is one of the globally recognised outsourcing software development firm established in 2008 with the operational offices in USA, UK, Australia, Dubai and India. With the consistent performance and building solutions with the proven technologies, they have not just secured 24th rank in leading app development companies, but also set the strong foothold by delivering 1789+ projects to 450+ clients worldwide.

Services: Mobile app development, iOS Development, Wearable app development, Flutter app development, cross-platform app development and more.


Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading the complete list of software development companies based in Dubai, USA and India. All the companies are listed after the detailed research and evaluating each profile with the number of parameters. So it hardly matters which company you choose to collaborate, each company has a strong background and backed by a highly skilled team of developers. So over to you now!



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