15 Top AI and Machine Learning Development Companies In 2021 (Latest Updated)

Adara Khan
13 min readJun 30, 2020

Top AI and Machine Learning Development Companies In 2021

The year might kick-off at an ominous note with recession indicators showing omen of an economic downstream, the IT space has never been feast to one’s eye more indispensable with emerging technologies playing pivot.

Presently, not a day passes without any news and message having word Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data. The algorithm continually evolves, the experts gain knowledge, consisting of information about each trade; this undeniably draws exciting prospects for the future with customized good, food, and entertainment.

With the best AI/ML development companies in India and the USA paring costs and more data-driven decisions, they are proving to be a simple yet efficient proposition of the time. Recently, business and startups have started observing value in actionable insights from a vast swath of raw data and information. This eventually drives an upsurge in the number of startups entering the domain, some of which experience an unforgettable impact on their working and the potential they hold.

If somehow you are perplexed about AI and ML benefits for your business, I have pocketed some unbelievable stats to make your decision concrete.

  • In the present scenario, there are 9,216 startups and firms listed in Crunchbase relying on the emerging technology for their mains and ancillary apps, services, and products. In simple words, it’s a 6 per cent increase from 2019.
  • According to PwC/CB Insight Money Tree Report Q1, Artificial Intelligence related firms targeted 16.5 billion in 2019, followed by 695 deals.

In short, one in ten enterprises or probably more now uses AI applications, therefore making its crucial to partner with trusted and top AI and ML development companies in the USA and India.

But, how will you find the perfect talent for your project’s undefeatable success?

Simple, “Hire the Best Developers In India” and cemented your niche in the dynamically changing arena. To help you have a safe drive, I have penned down leading fore-runner AI and ML firms in the USA and India, after evaluating them on the definitive parameters.

  • Review and rating on trusted B2B platforms like Clutch, Glassdoor, and Linkedin.
  • Top clients of the firm.
  • Accumulative growth with a high client retention rate.
  • The latest technology stack to match pace with.
  • An Extensive Portfolio review by visiting the website.
  • ISO certification and accreditation of the firm.

Talking about the red flags, if you find any concern or issue with a potential candidate, trust me, it a cue to look elsewhere. And, what better than the following list of firms that hold a strong opinion and ground-breaking experience in the specific technology domain.

Let’s start!

1. Xicom Technologies (the top leading AI/ML Development Company)

Price: $25–49/hr

Team Size: 350+

Location: India, USA and Dubai

Established In: 2002

Xicom Technologies is the fore-runner top AI and Machine Learning development company in India, USA and Dubai with 15+ years of technically-savvy experience and affordability. Since 2002, Xicom has curated a top niche in the emerging technology arena with adherence to their core motive to “Inspire The Next”.

As Artificial Intelligence is evolving conventional business approaches prevailing all over the world, Xicom acts as the perfect fit for uncovering the potential of businesses in 2021 and ahead with their best-in-class service to hire AI developers in India, Dubai and the USA. Their in-house proficients make one hand for the right blend of expertise with experience in driving future-ready apps.

Most importantly, Xicom solely takes the responsibility to turn the client’s rough thought into today’s operative reality.

Service Section: Mobile app development (Android and iOS), custom software development, web app development, E-commerce development with IT consultation and testing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

2. USM Business System (One of The Best Deep Learning Development Services In India)

Price: $90–100/hr

Team Size: 250+

Location: India and USA

Established In: NA

USM Business System is a trusted name in the aisle of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and best deep learning development services in India and the USA with cutting-edge technologies. Their techno-geeks offer solutions for distinctive verticals of industries to minimize production error, cost-cutting, faster decisions and avoiding risks exposed to humans and offer cognitive assistance.

The firm is known to possess proven expertise in Automatic Speech Recognization (ASR), Natural Language Processing and Understanding, Visual Search and the list go on under their hat. Their team consist of a profound understanding of sought-after AI techniques and the best practices utilized in trending AI examples.

Their AI services and solutions offer you high-quality and high-accuracy capabilities giving you a competitive edge.

Service Section: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Mobile app development

3. Endive Software (Among The Best Artificial Intelligence Development Services In India)

Price: $125–149/hr

Team Size: 100+

Location: India

Established In: 2008

Endive Software is a prominent name in the landscape of Web & Mobile App Development Companies with cemented footsteps in providing the best Artificial Intelligence development services in India and appreciated across the globe. The firm has experienced and certified developers who have in-depth knowledge and expertise in developing tools and technologies.

Their developers are passionate about the work that helps their clients to stay ahead in this competitive market. Besides web and mobile app development, their professionals widely deal in Salesforce Development, Custom Software Development, Cloud Solution, Big Data, etc., and build world-class solutions with cutting edge technology. Their dedicated developers implement the latest technology stack coming up with iPhone and Android app development also.

Service Section: Artificial Intelligence, Mobile app development, web development, software development, game development

4. Technostack Infotech Pvt. Ltd (In The Array Of The Best Machine Learning Development Services In India)

Price: $125–149/hr

Team Size: 150+

Location: India

Established In: 2014

Technostacks Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO certified 27001: 2013 & NASSCOM Member firm with in-depth knowledge in emerging solutions like Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, Block-chain development and Cloud-based solutions.

Their core belief in paying back to the community makes them a trusted choice among the best Machine Learning development services in India.

They have recently completed a milestone of 5 years of excellent services globally with crafting themselves as a reputed IT Company in India. The company engaged actively in offering end-to-end IT solutions to cater to the distinctive demands of a diverse customer base spread across the globe.

With its strong team of professionals having in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and tools as well as impeccable breakthrough state-of-the-art infrastructure, Technostacks has proved its excellence without breaking your pocket.

Service Section: Enterprise App development, web development, mobile app development, IoT development, Artificial Intelligence

5. Qburst (A Trusted Hub To Hire Machine Learning Developers In India)

Price: $99/hr

Team Size: 150+

Location: India and USA

Established In: 2004

QBurst is an established name in the hierarchy of product development and consulting companies with a strong focus on new-generation technology platforms. Their offices are spread across the globe with a benchmarked reputation to hire Machine Learning developers in India.

Besides, QBurst has 150+ employees consisting of developers, designers, UX engineers, quality assurance specialists, business analysts, and project management professionals to leave no stone unturned.

Their service portfolio consists of mobile and web development, CRM, big data and analytics, user experience, design, testing, and cloud-based solutions with a proven track record in app development and customized solutions. They have executed more than 1200 projects successfully, curating a reputation of being a cost-effective yet high quality service provider.

Service Section: Cloud consulting and migration service, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and App development and design.

6. Signity Solutions (Among The Best AI/ML Development Company In India)

Price: $125–149/hr

Team Size: 150+

Location: India, USA and UK

Established In: 2009

Adhering to deliver the best services and out of box final products Signity solutions have crafted their niche as the best AI/ML development company in India with the promise to deliver world-class design, development and marketing to its customers.

Signity Solutions is the right choice for both SMBs and flourished names that have a single motive in their mind — to earn high revenues and integrate the best business techniques so far. They create and distribute industry-oriented mobile and web solution to clients through in-house development as well as market aggregation.

Their approach is collective, and they are players of the big game from the start. And as one of the leading development companies, they make sure to build a long-term and rock-solid alliance with their clients for a brighter and digital-oriented tomorrow.

Service Section: Mobile app development, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Enterprise app development

7. Talentica Software (In The Array Of The Best Machine Learning Development Companies In India)

Price: $125–149/hr

Team Size:250+

Location: India

Established In: 2003

Your search for funnelling down the list of the best Machine Learning development companies in India may have a look at Talentica Software as a worth-the-value choice. It is an innovative outsourced product development company that provides a lending hand to startups to build their products. Moreover, they help technology firms transform their ideas into successful products by aligning from pre-funded startups to a profitable portion.

They have successfully created core intellectual property for more than 100 customers by now. Also, their experts have deep technical expertise with a proven track record and unique methodology to make the product a successful launch. Their customers range from some of the most innovative product companies across India, USA and Europe.

Service Section: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, UX/UI Design, Mobile app development, Custom software development, Blockchain development.

8. Affle Enterprise (Among The Best Artificial Intelligence Development Companies In India)

Price: $90/hr

Team Size: 100+

Location: India

Established In: 2005

Affle’s Enterprise core focus is on helping firms to go online via platform-based app development that allows thriving startups & giant enterprises to overcome the complications in the field of business challenges through mobility solutions.

Their crafted place as the best Artificial intelligence development companies in India makes them an award-winning mobile app development company also enabling thriving startups & behemoth enterprises to solve complicated business challenges through mobility solutions.

In the last, Affle is a global technology company with an unparalleled track of consumer intelligence platform that gratifies consumer engagement, acquisitions and transactions through relevant Mobile Advertising. Moreover, the platform aims to improve returns on marketing investment through contextual mobile ads and also by minimizing digital ad frauds.

Service Section: Mobile app development (iOS and Android), Artificial Intelligence, web app development

9. Day One Technologies (Among The Best AI/Machine Learning Companies In India)

Price: $125–149/hr

Team Size: 100+

Location: India

Established In: 2016

Established in 2016, they are a Product-first company in an AI-first world with cementing footstep along with AI/Machine Learning companies in India. It is a distinctive techno firm that specializes in creating exceptional products supported by high-end technology, that is sheer client’ s love, and users cherish.

Their proficient understand the know-how of making a product “great” — the laws of visual hierarchy is excellent designing, easy and simple coding, captivating UX, they know how to build brands make an impression.

Therefore, by adopting the latest technology stack in AI, machine learning, blockchain, RPA with complementing it to the human-centric UI/UX design, data and analytics etc. we offer clients innovative products and solutions that are futuristic and result-driven.

Service Section: Mobile app development (Android and iOS), Machine learning, web app development

10. Softweb Solutions (A Reliable Choice To Hire AI Developers In India)

Price: $125–149/hr

Team Size: 250+

Location: India and USA

Established In:2006

Softweb Solutions Inc. is an Avant-garde firm with offi­ces established in Chicago, Dallas and Ahmedabad since 2006. The years of experience and professionalism to hire AI developers in India and the USA have made them deliver best-of-breed Artificial Intelligence software for IoT applications. Moreover, along with providing data services and impeccable digital transformation to enterprises, they have yarned their place among the top 15 AI firms in India and the USA.

With more than a decade of experience with startups to Fortune, 100 companies have given them the proficiency to provide strategy, design, engineering solutions, and R&D services. Their ground-breaking strategies and passion for technology drive their projects to completion with uniqueness.

Service Section: Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Big Data and Analytics, IoT solutions, Data Analytics

11. Velotio Technologies (Among The Best Artificial Intelligence Development Company In India)

Price: $125–149/hr

Team Size: 100+

Location: India

Established In: 2017

Velotio Technologies has yearned immense popularity in a short period with its offshore agile development team consisting of highly-calibrated engineers established out of India. Curating their places as the best Artificial Intelligence development company in India, their niche engineers fulfil the gap of finding and hiring the talents after hard searches. You can trust their professionals and professionalism for your project successful completion.

Their in-house team have created 90+ products in a distinctive range of domains from entrepreneurs SaaS to client-based apps. Besides, their squad is honed by domain experts who help you make pragmatic decisions in choosing the right infrastructure and tools without losing sight of your product vision.

If your lookout is for reliable, effective delivery with highest-level of pros, the firm is a trusted choice to bet on.

Service Section: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Clouds and DevOps, Custom software development, UX/UI Design, Full stack application development.

12. Natsoft Cooperation (An Experienced Hub To Hire Artificial Intelligence Developer)

Price: $125–149/hr

Team Size: 250+

Location: USA and India

Established In: 2004

NATSOFT CORPORATION has a proven track record as a Global Software Consulting, Application Development, Staffing and Remote Infrastructure firm gratifying customized services and innovative solutions. The firm is known to provide customers with an extensive array of software and Information Technology services, affordable solutions in the rapidly changing trajectory of the market place which make them a reliable place to hire Artificial Intelligence developers in India and the USA.

Their team upholds a wide range of business consulting solutions, amalgamated with outsourcing services. They are known for their profound market experience and high client loyalty. Their professionals work with customers in distinctive industry parts to unravel their most pressing difficulties from emerging and the latest technologies through execution.

Service Section: Artificial intelligence, Blockchain development, Robotic process automation, Enterprise Persuasive technology

13. UruIT (An Excerpt For The Best AI/ML Development Company In The USA )

Price: $150–199/hr

Team Size: 100+

Location: USA

Established In: 2007

UruIT is a dedicated and experienced name in the landscape of the best AI/ML development company in the USA. They follow the latest trends from the digital arena to the global health issues which is why they have moved from a fully functional operative ambience to a remote working mode in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic to keep everyone ar the safer side.

Being remote work a part of the company’s culture and routine; they are successfully maintaining operations and keeping the pace with the trends. They, simply don’t let any obstacle hinder in the development process, making them your right talent for your project.

In short, the firm is a 50+ dedicated techno whiz and 100+ creative designers, full-stack developers, product owners and other distributed highly efficient teams that gratifies business value.

Service Section: Web development, Machine Learning, Mobile development (Android and iOS), UX/UI design

14. TechSpeed Inc (A Trusted Choice For The Best AI/ML Development Company In The USA)

Price: $125/Hr

Team Size: 150+

Location: USA

Established In: 2002

TechSpeed is a considerable choice because of it’s dynamically growing Data Management service providing nature that allows clients to outsource their requirements in an affordable way strategically. Besides, the firm has path themselves as the best AI/ML development company in the USA, offering innovative solutions with a globally competitive price.

Established and owned in the USA, TechSpeed has a distinctive portfolio of several satisfied clients all across the globe. The firm offers consultation with experts, collaborative and customized transition plans, shared expertise and transparent charges to their clientele.

Lastly, their core mission is to cater to their clients with innovative data solutions, impeccable customer service and second to none price. Their in-house experts strive to be your valued partners by a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and creating customized solutions to attract business.

Service Section: AI/Machine Learning, Data mining, Web development, Data processing

15. NeenOpal Inc (A Worthy Choice Among the Best AI/Machine Learning companies In The USA )

Price: $50–99/hr

Team Size: 100+

Location: USA and India

Established In: 2016

NeenOpal is an entrusted and worthy choice in the list of the best AI/Machine Learning companies in the USA and India. Also, it has curated a niche as a global management consulting firm with a unique and specialized focus on Data Science.

Grounded in India, the firm has established offices in New York and Adelaide. Their dedicated professionals carry a unique advantage to be a growth partner for their clients by personalizing the solutions to fit their unique requirements. NeenOpal is a go-to strategic partner for business ranging from budding startups to vertically integrated large organizations.

The firm’s core objective is to discover insights from data and convert it into a future prospect. Their expertise in Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Big Data Management makes them abreast the competition.

Service Section: Artificial Intelligence, Data Visualization, Logistic and Supply Chain and Data Science,

In The End…

You may not be technology whiz by yourself. By, following the tips and firm listed above, I hope to help you find one to keep your project and your uniqueness safe in the IT dominant space.

With the time approaching to say au revoir, make sure you start your development journey with the right talent from the flooded sea of choices.



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